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Landslides and Water Management

Monday night we woke up to quite a strong rainstorm. It’s been wet for many weeks already, so we did not think too much of it and went back to sleep. At sunrise we wanted to look around a bit, … Continue reading

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Powers Of Observation

Within Permaculture we see nature as our ultimate teacher. She will demonstrate how species interact with each other and their surroundings and which effects you can expect from it. She will also demonstrate the response of the web of life … Continue reading

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World Permaculture Association

We’re happy to announce that Permaculture San Joaquin is now a member of the World Permaculture Association (WPA). We fit in their category Projects, and we are now part of a growing family in the Permaculture Laboratories Network (PLN). Each … Continue reading

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How people use the word ‘weeds’ as a negative descriptor of a huge and very varied group of plants already indicates we’re falling prey to over simplistic thinking once again. To consider many plants as totally unwanted shows a denial … Continue reading

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We Need To Act

Last Saturday, Bill Mollison, the man who founded the Permaculture movement, died. An outpouring of testimonies on the significance of his work by hundreds, if not thousands, of people followed. A memorial page for him on Facebook flooded with comments … Continue reading

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A few days ago we were in La Mesa for some groceries, and the talk of the week there was all about water… Because there wasn’t any. La Mesa has no drinking water as the last effect of El Niño. … Continue reading

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Utter Neglect

We’re all a bit lazy sometimes and to be honest our choice to apply Permaculture was also slightly based on a wish for (future) laziness. If nature functions so well on earth, we can all setup our lives for nature … Continue reading

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Yesterday I was invited to send in a short video in which I could explain my deepest motivation for our work here. I had to think about that for a minute. We have a lot of different motives for our … Continue reading

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The Ground Under Our Feet

The soil is quite literary the base of our existence. All minerals and elements are present in the ground. The quality of the soil determines the quality of all that lives. The soil is not ‘one thing’, it’s build up … Continue reading

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Sustainable Thinking

Many things on earth, maybe even everything, have a cyclical nature. For example the seasons, the water cycle of evaporation to rain, the oxygen we breathe and convert to CO2 which plants convert back to oxygen while taking the carbon … Continue reading

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