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So here’s the thing:

We know what our problems and predicaments are. We know the earth is not endless and that to sustain the current western lifestyle we need 4 earths. We know the solutions too: move away from non renewable resources to living resources, reforest to help nature bring our climate back under control.

So why don’t we come together and fix it? Why is it that we feel powerless and why do we remain so passive or disinterested? In this new article we explore what’s really behind our culture. It turns out it’s just a bunch of stories… Read: What the heck is wrong with us?


But Nature Can Heal Our Planet

Yesterday we posted the article Technology Cannot Save Civilization. Today we follow up with a fresh and clarifying look at that one alternative to bringing our earth back in balance that is all around us and still goes unnoticed too much: Nature! Let’s compare how humans use energy with how nature cycles it. Big insights hidden in plain view: Energy In Nature.

Why Technology Cannot Save Us

Published today, a new article, the first of three, where we look at the ways humans have influenced our planet, compared to how nature has created it over millions of years before humans showed up. These three pieces are meant to make you think about our activities and attitudes at a deeper level. Part one is up now, the other two will be added over the next days.
Technology Cannot Save Civilization.

We’re Improving Our Site

We started our website as a simple blog, to tell our story and give information on what we’re doing and why. With more articles added over time, this simple setup is no longer optimal, we need to reorganize our presentation. Over the coming weeks we’ll add new articles, modify the existing content and make all of it easier to access. Please bear with us if at times things look a little confusing, it will all get sorted out…


The past few days have been exciting in multiple ways. After reading anything and everything we could find about the whole process of farrowing and piglets, we now experienced it with the birth of the first litters of our two gilts. It was quite a mixed experience and no doubt it will continue to be mixed over the next days and weeks as well. Since not much we do with our pigs follows the ways that are considered conventional it remains an experiment.

All external signs of the gilts developed as described, the behavioral signs were different though. Both were calculated to farrow last Wednesday. The plan was to lock them in in the corral at the moment they would get busy building a nest. We provided hay for their nests last weekend, then we waited and observed.


On Tuesday around 11 AM we could not find one of the gilts. It turned out she was outside, on a slope, already giving birth. Continue reading Piglets

World Permaculture Association

We’re happy to announce that Permaculture San Joaquin is now a member of the World Permaculture Association (WPA). We fit in their category Projects, and we are now part of a growing family in the Permaculture Laboratories Network (PLN). Each laboratory in this network has a name specific for their location. We’re located in a rural part of Colombia, not too far from the capital Bogota, with a climate that alternates between wet and dry seasons. We are named “Rural Wet-Dry Tropics Permaculture Laboratory”.

Continue reading World Permaculture Association

Poem by Rachel Kann

What To Tell The Children


Tell them that this is the great awakening

Tell them that we humans have made some huge mistakes

And that’s how we now find ourselves in this tenuous place.


Teach them that hate is the poison.

Teach them that love is the remedy,

That it is better to be readied for what comes next,

Even if the revelation is painful.


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How people use the word ‘weeds’ as a negative descriptor of a huge and very varied group of plants already indicates we’re falling prey to over simplistic thinking once again. To consider many plants as totally unwanted shows a denial of how nature functions. Weeds are nature’s answer to disturbed or destroyed ecosystems. Nature does not recognize unwanted plants, she only sees function.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAn unused field, next to our dams, full of a diverse collection of weeds.

Every disturbance of vegetation is met with a reaction, be it fire, compaction of the ground, plowing, erosion or anything else and weeds are the first emergency responders. Continue reading Weeds