We’re a nonprofit organization aiming to promote Permaculture through both demonstration and education. Our name, Permaculture San Joaquin, was chosen to identify with the little town of San Joaquin, the administrative area in which our farm is located. San Joaquin belongs to the municipality La Mesa, in the province Cundinamarca, Colombia.

map location farm

Location of the farm (finca = farm, cuenca = watershed)

We’re mostly working in our small team of three, Rene (originally from The Netherlands, with a permanent residency in Colombia), Cris and Margoth (who are both Colombian).


Margoth, Rene and Cris

The farm is 10 hectares (24 acres) in size. The terrain is mountainous, a semi flat to moderately steep area in the middle of the property, surrounded by a mountain ridge shaped as half a circle.


Our work is still concentrated on the initial stage to create the basic infrastructure on the land. Several dams were built, roads were improved and added. We have been digging a lot of swales and terraces by hand and a lot more will be added in the coming months. We describe the process on this blog. The current Permaculture design for the farm is shown below.

map with pasture

During the next years, while our infrastructure setup progresses, we will increasingly open up our farm to visitors and students. Additional information about the options to visit will be made available on the pages of this blog.

Please also check out the pages Permaculture Study and Eco Holiday in Colombia.

If you would like to volunteer as intern for some time, please contact us.