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Powers Of Observation

Within Permaculture we see nature as our ultimate teacher. She will demonstrate how species interact with each other and their surroundings and which effects you can expect from it. She will also demonstrate the response of the web of life … Continue reading

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How people use the word ‘weeds’ as a negative descriptor of a huge and very varied group of plants already indicates we’re falling prey to over simplistic thinking once again. To consider many plants as totally unwanted shows a denial … Continue reading

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Trees, Water and Climate

The way climate change is presented in general leads to a feeling that it’s difficult to do much about it. We tend to feel it’s up to government to set rules to limit the problem, but governments don’t show much … Continue reading

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Utter Neglect

We’re all a bit lazy sometimes and to be honest our choice to apply Permaculture was also slightly based on a wish for (future) laziness. If nature functions so well on earth, we can all setup our lives for nature … Continue reading

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The Wild Garden

I think most people would have difficulty recognizing our garden. There are no neatly kept beds filled with straight rows of vegetables. Instead our garden follows the contour lines of the landscape and all plants are mixed with other vegetables … Continue reading

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The tree that’s not a tree

The banana plant is the biggest perennial herbaceous plant growing on earth, so it’s not a type of palm tree. The plant consists of two parts, the root clump and the green shoots. One root clump can produce several dozens … Continue reading

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Chocolates don’t make you fat!

Well, maybe they do, but who really cares considering how great it tastes? This post is about the cacao tree. In the future we’ll show you how chocolate is made. Below a picture of one of our existing cacao trees … Continue reading

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