On our farm we offer various options for study and practice of Permaculture and related activities / techniques. The options are very varied and the choice to do theory or practical courses or a mixture of both is yours. We outline the basics on this page. If you would like to have an educational stay on our farm, please contact us to determine what would best fit your wishes or needs.

Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course

The option to do a PDC on our farm exists, but it requires a bit of time to organize it. If enough people are interested in a PDC here, we will ask the World Permaculture Association to provide a qualified teacher. This comes with costs (travel expenses, housing, etc) for the teacher which will be included In the course price. We estimate that we can offer a 2 week PDC for between 1500 and 2000 USD per person, if we can gather a group of at least 10 people who are interested and can commit.

The subjects covered in the PDC are:

  1. Introduction to Permaculture
  2. Concepts and themes in design
  3. Methods of design
  4. Pattern understanding
  5. Climatic factors
  6. Trees and their energy transactions
  7. Water
  8. Soils
  9. Earthworking and earth resources
  10. The humid tropics
  11. Dry land strategies
  12. Humid cool to cold climates
  13. Aquaculture
  14. The strategies of an alternative global nation

At the end of the theory you will do a design exercise, for which you will have two days. We will look through your design together and when all is OK you will receive your PDC.

Other courses

Landscape and water management:

  • Maps and terrain survey
  • Water retention methods
  • Erosion control methods
  • Small earthworks (can be done without machinery)
  • Theory of big earthworks (dams and roads, done with machinery)
  • Design of an integrated water management system
  • Minimum 1 week, preferably in our rainy season from half September until end of November, or from end of February until half of April.

Farm animal care (pigs, chickens)

  • Animal characteristics
  • Basic anatomy
  • Feed
  • Handling
  • Health
  • Minimum 1 week

On farm slaughter and butchery (pigs and chickens)

  • Slaughter methods
  • Cleaning the carcass
  • Basic butchery cuts
  • Meat processing (sausages, liver pate, meat curing (ham and bacon))
  • Minimum 2 weeks part time (3 to 4 days per week)

Courses in preparation:

  • Food preservation (fermentation, canning, drying, curing)
  • Natural cosmetics (soap, shampoo, toothpaste)
  • Ecological gardening (plant propagation, mulches, predator habitat, garden beds, hugelculture, companion planting (guilds), compost)
  • Forest gardening (design, implementation, maintenance)
  • Natural building methods (bamboo, wood, earthbags etc)

Over time, as our knowledge progresses, we will continue adding new courses.

If any course above is of interest to you and you would like to visit our farm, please contact us.

You can also apply for a longer stay as intern and experience day to day life on our Permaculture farm.