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A few days ago we were in La Mesa for some groceries, and the talk of the week there was all about water… Because there wasn’t any. La Mesa has no drinking water as the last effect of El Niño. … Continue reading

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Utter Neglect

We’re all a bit lazy sometimes and to be honest our choice to apply Permaculture was also slightly based on a wish for (future) laziness. If nature functions so well on earth, we can all setup our lives for nature … Continue reading

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Creating the Mainframe Design for our Farm

(Published today on This article is about how we figured out our mainframe design for roads, swales and ponds/dams. The pictures that show how those were installed you can see in an earlier article here. Because the terrain of our … Continue reading

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Beautiful Birds

Right now we think there are about 30 species of birds on the farm. When we arrived here in 2014 there were less, maybe 10 or 12 different types, so we hope that means we’re doing something right. Below a … Continue reading

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