New life: Puppies

Yesterday Roosje, one of our two border collies, gave birth to 6 beautiful little puppies, 4 males, 2 females. We just took them outside for a little while to make a picture.


She wouldn’t tell us who the father was (she ran off one evening when she was in heat 2 months ago, just when I was putting on my boots to take her out). So we were expecting all kinds of different colors on the puppies. Seems she took control of that though, they’re all black and white like border collies are.

This is her second litter. Our other border collie is Coco, who is the daughter of Roosje. She’s almost 4 years old now. Coco somehow was not very amused by the crawling heap of new life. She’ll have to get used to it over the next days.


Our cat, Pepe, also didn’t think puppies are that interesting.


So maybe it’s a human thing to like puppies. They look so very cute. The picture below was taken just after the fifth one was born


Anyone who wants a dog, in about 8 weeks they’re ready to go, although we probably want to keep one for ourselves. 🙂



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