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Yesterday I was invited to send in a short video in which I could explain my deepest motivation for our work here. I had to think about that for a minute. We have a lot of different motives for our … Continue reading

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Puppies – 3 weeks old

The six little puppies of Roosje are doing great. A week ago their eyes opened and they are getting a bit more active now. Roosje is obviously proud and she does a great job nurturing them. They’re growing fast.

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The Ground Under Our Feet

The soil is quite literary the base of our existence. All minerals and elements are present in the ground. The quality of the soil determines the quality of all that lives. The soil is not ‘one thing’, it’s build up … Continue reading

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Amazing Collection

Until now over one million of insect species have been identified, with an estimated 5 to 9 million still to catalog. This makes the species of insects by far the largest group of animals on our planet. (Source). It’s no … Continue reading

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Sustainable Thinking

Many things on earth, maybe even everything, have a cyclical nature. For example the seasons, the water cycle of evaporation to rain, the oxygen we breathe and convert to CO2 which plants convert back to oxygen while taking the carbon … Continue reading

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The Wild Garden

I think most people would have difficulty recognizing our garden. There are no neatly kept beds filled with straight rows of vegetables. Instead our garden follows the contour lines of the landscape and all plants are mixed with other vegetables … Continue reading

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New life: Puppies

Yesterday Roosje, one of our two border collies, gave birth to 6 beautiful little puppies, 4 males, 2 females. We just took them outside for a little while to make a picture. She wouldn’t tell us who the father was

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