A bit of a philosophical article on “Life” published today in “articles“.


Amazing Collection

Until now over one million of insect species have been identified, with an estimated 5 to 9 million still to catalog. This makes the species of insects by far the largest group of animals on our planet. (Source). It’s no miracle then that we sometimes encounter some of the more exotic types on our land (or in our house). For example this mantis:


Because of their posture, with both of their front legs up, they’re also known as ‘praying mantis’. Margoth expected it to bite me, but they’re rather calm creatures. Continue reading Amazing Collection

The Wild Garden

I think most people would have difficulty recognizing our garden. There are no neatly kept beds filled with straight rows of vegetables. Instead our garden follows the contour lines of the landscape and all plants are mixed with other vegetables and weeds. This morning our garden looked like this:


The work on the garden started last year in October. Continue reading The Wild Garden