Not For Profit

The activities we develop on our farm are fully aimed at education in and demonstration of Permaculture. We do this work without the desire to make a profit. This does not mean we refrain from earning an income or receiving donations, it means that any type of income we gain, after deduction of the costs, will be invested in our project. We will also build capital, but instead of financial capital we focus on building natural capital.


Our project has different parts. Right now we’re in the build-up part. To be a demonstration site, you need to show results. During this build-up our main focus is to get the farm to produce. It has to produce food, fiber and shelter, it has to work like an ecosystem, where eventually human input gets reduced more and more as natural processes increasingly govern the production.

During the next two years we work towards the next part: education and demonstration of Permaculture and the practices we employ within the Permaculture framework. During these two years the build-up will continue and the educational aspects will start to be added to our activities.

Once our build-up is more or less completed and the educational part of our work is in place, we enter a third phase where we will look outward. From a solid base we can focus on expansion of our project and/or duplication of our project. With this setup we define our aims in manageable steps. It also makes clear that promotion of sustainable living is our aim instead of focusing on monetary gain for personal enrichment.

Please check out the ‘support us‘ page if you identify with our goals and aims.



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