Little Tragedy

Yesterday morning we found a young tapir next to our garden. She couldn’t move her front legs nor her head. With her back legs she tried to push herself out of sight, but she was so weak already that she hardly moved. She did have her eyes open and it was clear that she was in fear.


Although it did not look like she had any chance, we decided to carefully put her in a wheelbarrow and bring her to the house. The paralysis could point to a snake bite and maybe she could recover. When we laid her down in the wheelbarrow she seemed to relax a bit, realizing that maybe we were not a threat. But that relaxation also meant she stopped fighting, and she died.


We took a closer look at her and found some strange markings under her chin. Not knowing if indeed it was a snake bite or a disease we decided to not look any further. We buried her and soon we’ll plant a tree on her grave.


Nature is not always as romantic as we would like it to be.


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